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Publication | Communication. Participation. Development. DW-AKADEMIE Policy Paper on Media Development Cooperation

In the 21st century global community, media are an essential component of human development. This is the core argument in a new DW-AKADEMIE publication on media development.


Internationally, communication and the media’s enormous potential for human development are undisputed and documented in numerous studies and political documents. In this latest publication, DW-AKADEMIE authors take up the international discussion and call for an integrated concept in the area of media development. One component, the authors argue, is for media to be recognized as an independent, social factor. And in keeping with this, media development should be recognized as the focus of German development cooperation.

Dr. Helmut Osang, DW-AKADEMIE author and media expert, sees two main reasons for needing a clear concept. “It’s important for us as media development workers to carefully examine our own self-perceptions. And we need to look at which instruments and goals we work with. DW-AKADEMIE is the largest media development organization in Germany. Part of our role is to lead the way with strategies and concepts. We’ve clearly positioned ourselves with this publication and hope it will have a decisive influence on political decisions and concepts.”

“Communication. Participation. Development.” is available free of charge from newsletter.dw-akademie@dw-world.de or can be downloaded from the DW-AKADEMIE website.

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