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Our Experts

Psoriasis – we talk to Dr. Yael Adler in the In Good Shape studio

Dermatologist Dr. Yael Adler explains how psoriasis develops and what treatments can be most effective in reducing skin irritation and soreness.

Our studio guest Dr. Yael Adler

Our studio guest Dr. Yael Adler

Here are the contact details of our studio guest Dr. Yael Adler:

Private surgery for dermatology, phlebology, allergology and laser treatments

Dr. Yael Adler
Richard-Strauss-Strasse 27
in the Haut- & Laserzentrum Berlin-Potsdam

14193 Berlin

Tel: 0049 / 30 / 8800 1854

Mail: praxis(at)dradler-berlin(dot)de


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