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Prudence from Benin

“Through its team, DW has really become my second family.”

First name: Prudence
City / Country: Porto-Novo/Benin
Year of birth: 1979

First thing in the morning, I think about is listening to DW. By the way, I listen to news and magazines related to Africa, Europe and the world all day long.

I associate with DW reliability, relevancy, dynamism and prospect. DW news and sources are reliable and the issues the magazines deal with are relevant. All this is possible thanks to a young and dynamic team who has a prospective view of the world that is continuously moving.

My first experience with DW was in 1997 when I discovered DW through its French program. The first voice I heard was Barbara Arnold's who was presenting a magazine called “PANORAMA”. At that time, I was surprised to hear overseas radio program. Two years later I wrote to Mrs. Arnold and I got a reply from the French department.

Since then I have been listening to DW programs in French and English. From time to time I participate in different programs. Moreover, writing reception reports has been a great hobby of mine since 1999 up to day. As a whole I enjoy listening to DW radio, making reception reports, writing letters to share my opinion, my emotions and my ups and downs. Through its team, DW has really become my second family.

I am very interested in topics, such as education, lifestyle, economy, environment, sports and culture.

I use DW via short waves.

This year I think a lot about the DW Akademie with its two years training program extended for people from other countries. I think that it’s a great opportunity for African journalists. Back to their countries, the participants will help to train and share their knowledge with others. Such an experience will somewhat solve the lack of qualification.

My wish for the future is to see DW as a kind of brand which represents Germany's good knowledge; a bit like the trademark “Made in Germany”, which is well known all over the world.

Since the last two decades, DW has changed my and other people’s bad views on Germans who were said to be racists. I’d like to be more involved in DW's activities or programs, like as a trustworthy correspondent and partner. Thank you!

Sent by: Prudence from Benin
Edited by: Jeanette Müller