Prosecutors to Appeal Ski-Train Verdict | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 20.02.2004
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Prosecutors to Appeal Ski-Train Verdict

Legal proceedings for Austria's ski-train inferno moved to Linz on Friday, with a higher court preparing to hear appeals of verdicts absolving all suspects of blame in the deaths of 155 victims. The superior provincial court in Linz is waiting for all documents used in the trial that ended on Thursday in Salzburg, a spokeswoman said. She said a ruling could be expected "within months." A judge acquitted all 16 suspects of criminal negligence in the disaster. Prosecutors launched immediate appeals and lawyers for relatives said they would seek millions of dollars in compensation in civil proceedings in Austria, the U.S. and Germany. Coinciding with Thursday's verdict, the Austrian government moved to repair a shortcoming in the law that prevents companies from being held liable for "corporate wrongdoing" by their staff and executives.

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