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Prosecutors Investigate Soldiers After Afghan Civilians Killed

German prosecutors are investigating Bundeswehr soldiers on suspicion of manslaughter after three Afghan civilians were killed at a checkpoint near Kunduz last week, the Financial Times Deutschland has reported.

German ISAF soldier in Afghanistan

Prosecutors will decide whether the soldiers acted in self-defense

The paper said that prosecutors in Potsdam will investigate whether the soldiers should be prosecuted for manslaughter or whether they acted in self defense.

The three civilians -- a woman and two children -- were shot dead on August 28 when security forces including German troops, opened fire on a vehicle at the checkpoint.

The German Defense Ministry said two civilian vehicles had stopped at the checkpoint but the forces fired warning shots when one of the vehicles started moving.

"A member of the checkpoint (troops) has been accused of manslaughter," Helmut Lange, spokesman for the investigating authorities in Potsdam said.

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