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Watch video 01:25

Made in Germany - The Business Magazine

Reports First Hand - the Trailer

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Made in Germany

Deutschland Schulunterricht

The Business Magazine

16.07.2016 Wirtschaftsunterricht

The ABC's of personal finance

16.07.2016 Ewald Mittelstädt

Talk: should finance be taught in school?

15.03..2016 MIG Made in Germany Estland

E-government - Estonia leading the way

01.04.2016 DW MADE IN GERMANY MIG Budde

Music publishing 2.0: Benjamin Budde

Watch video 02:37

The world of economics explained

Brexit: Who are winners; who are losers?

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made in germany Brexit

Brexit: Who are winners; who are losers?

TTIP - What is the Bilateral Investment Treaty?

07.06.2016 DW TV MIG MiG Made in Germany Grafik Eng

What is the business of football worth?

Trans-Atlantic Business Ties

What is the German Beer Purity Law?

What is the Schengen Agreement?

China and the world economy

Cheap oil - Why is the price falling?

Careers in Germany

Who is Volkawagen?

What is the base rate?

08.04.2016 DW Made in Germany Reinheitsgebot02

How much did reunification cost?

"Made in Germany" - A potted history

What is an Economic Bubble?

Deflation - When Everything Gets Cheaper!

What is a Bank Stress Test?

15.04.2016 DW Made in Germany BRD - USA

What is the gross domestic product (GDP)?

Asset Backed Securities

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