Program Structure | Curriculum | International Media Studies | DW | 04.11.2008
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Program Structure

The program offers a combination of theory and practical experience. Students will acquire the skills that are essential for a journalistic career. Here you will find individual descriptions of the program structure.


Theory and practical experience combined!

The first and second semesters provide a structured introduction to the analytic relationship between media, politics and society. The program gives an explanation of media development, journalism, media economics and media management while considering the various issues related to intercultural communication and presentation.

In the third semester, the syllabus includes topics like empiricism, media planning and market research. This will be complemented by interdisciplinary subjects like project management and leadership training. Students will also have to complete a project dealing with media or communications science.

During the fourth semester, students are required to write their Master‘s Thesis, closing with a colloquium.

You will find an overview of the program structure in the download below.