Prodi Warns of ′Heavy Consequences′ of British ′No′ Vote | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 03.05.2004
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Prodi Warns of 'Heavy Consequences' of British 'No' Vote

European Commission President Romano Prodi said over the weekend that theconsequences of the UK voting "no" on the constitution would be "heavy."

European Commission President Romano Prodi warned over the weekend that the consequences of the United Kingdom voting 'no' to the Constitution would be "heavy". Speaking to the BBC, Prodi said: "I think the political consequences would be heavy. I don't know now what 'heavy' will mean in legal terms." Certainly, he continued, "what is clear is that after many years' debate on the Constitution, you can’t think that the debate has not taken place." If you say 'no' to this, he told the broadcaster, "politically it is not the same thing as saying 'no' to a treaty written in one night." In a separate interview with the BBC, Prodi described as "undemocratic" the possibility of one country holding the others up. "When we are many member states, it's difficult to conceive a union in which one country can veto all the others ... This is a completely undemocratic process." (

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