Private Sector and Relief Organizations Learn to Work Together | World in Progress | DW | 27.02.2008
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World in Progress

Private Sector and Relief Organizations Learn to Work Together

During the past decade, more than 350 million people have been forced to flee their homes as a result of natural disaster and conflict.

Close up of an African man's head wrapped in a blanket

A wide variety of infrastructure is need to support refugees

"Aid and Trade" fair in Geneva brings together the private sector and emergency organisations.

When disaster strikes, aid agencies rush emergency help to the victims. Then they work to reconstruct damaged infrastructure and restore shattered lives. Besides good will, assisting millions of desperate people takes money and the goods to deliver humanitarian relief.

For the third year in a row, Geneva has hosted the Aid and Trade Fair. This unique exhibition brings together aid agencies and the commercial manufacturers of products that are essential for tackling the urgent and developmental needs of disaster and conflict-ridden victims.

Reporter: Lisa Schlein

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