Press review: Harsh criticism for Argentina, praise for Germany | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 04.07.2010
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Press review: Harsh criticism for Argentina, praise for Germany

Argentina's press shows no mercy in their assessment of Saturday's 4-0 blowout against Germany. International papers, meanwhile, shower Germany with praise for what some describe as the team's best game yet.

Two soccer players with German and Argentine jerseys

Germany's press is full of praise for the country's team

Newspapers and online news sources in Argentina show no mercy on Sunday in their assessment of Germany's 4-0 blowout of Diego Maradona's star-studded team.

"Sweat and Tears" is the daily sports paper Ole's online headline. "This time it was worse than being beaten by [Germany] four years ago because they scored so early and Diego [Maradona] had no answer," it adds.

La Nacion is no less blunt in its analysis: "Germany exposed our weaknesses, left us naked. Argentina had no answers in the face of adversity, with neither Carlos Tevez nor Messi at their best."

The daily Clarin says that Argentine star Lionel Messi was used improperly against the "intelligent rival" Germany: "He hung back too much for the ball to reach him. He had a few bursts which gave hope yet the Germans had him in their grip pretty much throughout. He left the tournament without exploding into life or scoring any goals."

The response from Germany: Simply madness!

German newspapers on Sunday are shimmering with praise for their team.

"Unbelievable, unfathomable, impossible to describe in words," writes the mass-circulated daily Bild Zeitung. "The soccer gods have kissed Germany: We beat Argentina and are playing the best soccer in the whole world! Thank you our heroes!"

Screaming German fans on Saturday in Dresden

Millions of Germans celebrated their "heroes" after the blowout victory

The daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung writes: "From little cats into Lions," with the German word for lions, Loewen, a play on the name of Germany coach, Joachim Loew. The paper goes on to say: "First 4-1 against England, now 4-0 against Argentina. German soccer has never experienced such a spectacular week."

One of the capital's dailies, the Berliner Tagesspiegel, writes: "Simply madness! What a team, what a tournament! The entire world is now celebrating German soccer."

International praise of Germany widespread

Indeed, the international reception of Germany's victory is one of resounding praise.

The Dutch daily De Volkskrant runs the headline: "The Germans chop up Argentina in the frying pan," adding that "Joachim Loew's team was just too strong for the South Americans led by Diego Maradona."

In Uruguay, who will face the Netherlands in the first semifinal on Tuesday, the daily El Observador writes "Germany struck down Argentina, hit them with all the forcefulness that comes with a winning score and laid in the open the misery of Diego Maradona's team, all the while showing the world that it's not a casual candidate for winning the World Cup in South Africa, but rather a serious favorite."

Soccer supporters in front of a screen showing Argentina coach Diego Maradona

Maradona's 'dream has died', The Guardian wrote

Spain's El Pais also is full of praise for the young German side."Germany crushes the hopes of Maradona. The Loew team gives a recital to an Argentian side without a midfielder." Spain will face Germany in the second seminfinal on Wednesday.

Le Monde in France wraps up the quarterfinals by pointing out that the much favored South American teams didn't live up to pre-tournament expectations and that the World Cup is becoming a largely European affair. "Germany-Spain and the Netherlands-Uruguay are the pairs of semi-finals of the World Cup in South Africa. The Argentine and Brazilian favorites have fallen while Ghana has entered legend although beaten by Uruguay."

The UK's The Guardian's assessment focuses on Diego Maradona, Argentina's dejected coach: "If it had indeed been the will of God that Argentina should claim this World Cup, then Maradona must feel utterly abandoned now. This was a slaughter to leave El Diego numbed and close to tears on the touchline. His dream has died."

Compiled by Gabriel Borrud
Editor: Andreas Illmer

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