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Power in our Pockets: Social Media, Money & Politics in the Digital Age – an international IDEA

Monday, June 13 / Room Berlin / 14.00 p.m.
Tuesday, June 14 / Room Berlin / 2.30 p.m.

Join us for the European premiere of our new film "Power in our Pockets: Social Media, Money & Politics in the Digital Age."

The role of money in politics is a contentious and much-debated question. Does money equal speech? Does its role in election campaigns damage democracy? How can we promote more equal opportunities for candidates without restricting rights?

In recent elections around the world, social media has emerged as a potentially powerful tool in the battle to level the playing field. Social media has opened up a space for a more diverse range of people to engage, debate, discuss, make political donations and demand accountability and transparency in elections.

"Power in our Pockets: Social Media, Money and Politics in the Digital Age" hones in on the ways in which social media and digital technology give individuals the personal power to access data, voice opinions, engage with and question elected representatives and promote an open and accessible electoral process based on examples from the United States, Spain and Indonesia.

The film screening will serve to initiate a debate and discussion about the ways in which digital technology and social media impact modern workflows. What are the benefits and drawbacks of reporting news stories in the new digital age? What are the consequences of real-time storytelling for participation, accountability and democracy overall?

Watch the movie, ask questions and take part in an open debate on the pros and cons of the role of evolving digital tools in the changing face of democracy around the world.

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