Poschinger: The Glass Makers | Family Business | DW | 16.09.2008
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Family Business

Poschinger: The Glass Makers

The story of the Poschinger family business is a fascinating one. In 1568, Joachim Poschinger acquired the run-down "Zadlershütte" glassworks in deepest Bavaria and restored the business to profitability.


It was the start of the successful and unbroken story of the Poschingers as glassmakers and landowners. And just as 440 years ago, the current owner, Benedict, Baron von Poschinger runs the small enterprise with three sectors - agriculture, forestry and glassmaking. The 2,300 hectare estate supplies beech to make wooden moulds for the glasses. The family developed a forestry business to tide it over difficult times, such as those currently experienced by the glass industry in Germany. Report by Carmen Meyer.

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