PopXport - The German Music Magazine | PopXport | DW | 18.03.2016
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PopXport - The German Music Magazine

This week, PopXport listens to the debut studio album by folk-pop band AnnenMayKantereit. We chat with soul singer Roger Cicero in Hamburg and take in more music by Stereoact, Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, Kenay and Mr. President.

In this edition:

AnnenMayKantereit – the Folk-Pop Sensation

AnnenMayKantereit are winning over fans and critics alike with their acoustic pop on guitar and piano and their vocalist’s deep, rough voice. A sell-out tour ahead, the Cologne quartet has put out its debut studio album.

Roger Cicero – the soul crooner is back

Roger Cicero had just cut a live album of Frank Sinatra hits when he collapsed in autumn, 2015. The cause was a protracted respiratory illness. Now the New German Swing crooner is heading back out on tour.

HIT: Stereoact feat. Kerstin Ott – Die immer lacht

Years ago, amateur German singer Kerstin Ott wrote a Schlager, a hit song, about a sick friend, copied it onto CDs and gave it to discos to play. Now, a House version by DJ-duos Stereoact is conquering the charts.

HIT-Clip: Jamie-Lee Kriewitz – Ghost

Germany's candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden, Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, has just turned 18. Before the main event in May, she's recorded a debut album. Her contest song "Ghost" continues to haunt the top 20.

TIP: Kenay – Schön so wie du bist

Already a success as a rap producer, Kenay has now taken the stage himself as a pop singer. He shot the video for his single "Schön so wie du bist" - Beautiful Just as You Are - in New York City, cutting several YouTube-stars in on the action.

CLASSIC: Mr. President – Coco Jamboo (1996)

Twenty years ago in March, Mr. President released one of the biggest reggae hits ever to emerge from Germany. The trio from Bremen was better known for Eurodance. Coco Jamboo's Caribbean beat shuffled up the charts in Germany, Britain and the United States.