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PopXport - The German Music Magazine

Roger Cicero sings Frank Sinatra. The German pop and jazz singer is swingin' the charts with the concert recording of his tribute to 'the Voice'. And we party with the dancehall band Culcha Candela.

This week:

Roger Cicero: Tribute to Frank Sinatra

On December 12th, Frank Sinatra would've turned 100. Xavier Naidoo, Yvonne Catterfeld and Sasha join Roger Cicero in new interpretations of such Ol' Blue Eyes hits as "My Way" and "New York, New York."

Melting Pop: Culcha Candela

In our Melting Pop series, PopXport introduces artists from Germany whose families come from all over the world. The Berlin dancehall band Culcha Candela has Ugandan, Polish, Colombian and Korean roots.

HIT-Clip: Silbermond - Leichtes Gepäck

Leichtes Gepäck - "light baggage" is the new album by Silbermond, the pop sensations from Saxony. Traveling light got Stefanie Kloß and her boys up to the fourth spot on the German charts.

HIT-Clip: Pol1z1stens0hn - Ich hab Polizei

Under the pseudonym Pol1z1stens0hn, TV comedian Jan Böhmermann put out a track sending up German gangsta rappers. The satirical ode to the police cruised into the singles top 10; the video's got millions of hits on the web.

Max + Johann ft. Vincent Malin - Wenn Du schläfst

The two DJs and producers Max + Johann call their music "acoustic deep house". A sample of it can be heard on their debut single Wenn Du schläfst. Max + Johann brought singer-songwriter Vincent Malin in to help out.

Enigma - Sadeness - Part I (1990)

25 years have passed since the debut album by Enigma, the ambient project by German producer Michael Cretu. MCMXC a.D. went platinum some 100 times with a good 70 million sales worldwide according to the label. We play the first single from it.