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PopXport - The German music magazine

PopXport goes on tour with German pop icon Nena. In our Melting Pop series we meet Ebow, a German rapper with Turkish roots. And we check in with Lilabungalow, a genre-bending band from Erfurt.

Our Topics:

Nena - A German pop icon on tour

Nena is probably the most successful grandmother in German pop history. And at 55, Nena is still going strong. She’s now touring with her new album, "Oldschool".

Melting Pop - Rapper Ebow

In our Melting Pop series, we introduce you to German musicians with international roots. One is Ebru Düzgün, a German musician with Turkish roots who’s making a name for herself in the male-dominated world of rap. We pay her a visit in Munich.

Lilabungalow - Genre-bending pop

Lilabungalow’s sound straddles the divide between glam rock, indie pop, and disco. Maybe that’s why the Erfurt band was invited to perform at the renowned jazz festival in Montreux.

HIT: Sarah Connor - Wie schön du bist

Sarah Connor recently made headlines for taking in a Syrian refugee family. And she’s also been featuring on the German pop charts. Her album “Muttersprache” is at the top of the German charts for the second time in five months.

TIP: Von Brücken - Gold gegen Blei

After their start as an obscure punk rock outfit, Jupiter Jones went on to become a mainstay of the German charts. Then frontman Nicolas Müller stepped down because he was suffering from panic attacks. He obtained treatment for the disorder and is now back with a new band, called Von Brücken.

CLASSIC: Scorpions - Big City Nights (1984)

The Scorpions are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a re-release of eight classic albums. Their 1984 album "Love at First Sting" stormed the charts in nine countries and went platinum three times over in the US. We play the single "Big City Nights".