PopXport - The German music magazine | Music | DW | 03.11.2015
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PopXport - The German music magazine

Die Toten Hosen team up with an orchestra to perform music the Nazis called "degenerate." In our new Melting Pop series, we introduce you to German acts with multicultural roots - this time, rapper BTNG.

Our Topics:

Die Toten Hosen perform "degenerate music"

Two years ago Die Toten Hosen teamed up with Düsseldorf’s Robert Schumann School of Music to perform music that the Nazis had stigmatized as "degenerate." Now the concert recordings are being released as an album.

Melting pop – Rapper BTNG from Berlin

The migrants and refugees arriving in Germany come from a diversity of cultures. But when it comes to music, Germany has long enjoyed acts by artists with immigrant roots. We'll show you some in our Melting Pop series.

Revolverheld – Pop rock, unplugged

Pop rock band Revolverheld are mixing it up on the German charts with an album featuring their concerts for MTV Unplugged. PopXport checks out the session in Hamburg, which featured a wealth of musical guests.

HIT-Clip: Namika - Lieblingsmensch

Pop singer Namika from Frankfurt has been in the German Top 10 for three months now with her song "Lieblingsmensch." The single by the newcomer whose grandparents hail from Morocco has now gone gold.

Tipp-Clip: Kraftklub - Alles wegen dir

Kraftklub toured Germany this year with "In Schwarz" - an album that went to No. 1 in Germany. Fans of the indie rock act from Chemnitz will soon be able to enjoy the live concert DVD, which will be released under the title "Randale." We give you taste of what's in store with "Wegen Dir."

KULT-Clip: Rammstein - Benzin (2005)

In October 10 years ago, Rammstein released the song "Benzin" and ignited charts across Europe. In their video, the Berlin-based band portray firefighters. And that turns out to have some unintended consequences…