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PopXport 16.11.13 | 00:30 - 01:00 UTC

The BossHoss - In the Studio with the Cult Cowboys

PopXport showcases excellent musicians and bands from Germany, highlights the latest trends and reports on major music events. Every program includes video clips of current hits and a German pop music classic. On top of that, PopXport provides a round-up of all the latest releases, videos and music news, as well as a quiz.

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The BossHoss - In the Studio with the Cult Cowboys


Pet - Comeback of the Electropoppers


The Quiz

The BossHoss’s latest album was an immediate success on release. We give you the lowdown on the making of "Flames of Fame". Plus: Berlin Electro-Poppers Pet make a comeback. And our clips section features reggae star Gentleman, pop outfit Tonbandgerät, rap trio Fettes Brot and DJ Tomcraft.


The BossHoss - In the Studio with the Cult Cowboys

The self-styled country trash punk rockers saw their seventh album shoot straight to number 2 in the German charts - their highest chart entry to date. "Flames of Fame" was possibly their most challenging album to make. The seven-strong band spent months cranking away in the studio, shooting videos, designing covers and doing the promotional circus. PopXport takes a look behind the scenes.

Pet - Comeback of the Electropoppers

It’s been a while since we last heard from Pet. The Berlin-based pop group had become one of the few German acts to make it big in the UK; the late and legendary British DJ John Peel used to feature their tunes on his radio show. After a seven-year hiatus, Pet are back with a new album: "Imitation of Life". The band reveal what took them so long to return to the studio.

HIT-Clip: Fettes Brot - Echo

Like Pet, Fettes Brot took a lengthy time-out from recording. Their following of fans, however, has remained faithful to Doktor Renz, König Boris and Björn Beton, however. The German rap trio’s new album shot straight to number 3 in the charts. We feature the single "Echo".

TIP-Clip: Gentleman - Walk Away

Tilman Otto aka Gentleman is arguably the biggest star on the German reggae scene. He now has a new video out: for the single "Walk Away". It was shot in the same place that his latest album ("New Day Dawn") was recorded: in Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae.

TIP-Clip: Tonbandgerät - Auf drei

Tonbandgerät have big plans. March sees the Hamburg indie-poppers flying off to the US, where they’ll be performing to thousands of highschool kids as cultural ambassadors of the Goethe Institute. Their schedule of gigs is already sold out. We’ll be covering their trip in a later edition, but for now you can treat your ears to the new single: "Auf drei".

CULT-Clip: DJ Tomcraft - Loneliness (2002)

Ten years ago Thomas Brückner aka DJ Tomcraft topped the singles charts in Britain. The classic techno track "Loneliness" also rocked the rest of European clubland.

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Here's where we present the hottest new releases.

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The latest music news from Germany.

The Quiz

In every edition of PopXport, we'll show a segment of a video clip - and we'll ask you about a very specific detail.

This time the question is: What vegetable does the man bite into?

a) beets

b) potatoes

c) carrots

Send your answers to popxport@dw.de

We're giving away CDs from Tonbandgerät, Fettes Brot, The BossHoss and PET.

The right answer to our quiz from October 19, 2013 was c) Photo. Congratulations to Emma Sophie Gollhardt in Nanjing, China!