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PopXport 20.04.13 | 00:30 - 01:00 UTC

Gentleman - Starting Over with Album Number Six

PopXport showcases excellent musicians and bands from Germany, highlights the latest trends and reports on major music events. Every program includes video clips of current hits and a German pop music classic. On top of that, PopXport provides a round-up of all the latest releases, videos and music news, as well as a quiz.

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Gentleman - Starting Over with Album Number Six


Avantasia- Rock Opera Storms the Charts



You're only as good as your latest album and you have to convince the public every time. That's what reggae star Gentleman believes. He's just released his 6th attempt to do just that. The latest installment of Avantasia, a project by Edguy singer Tobias Sammet, has already convinced the public and conquered the charts worldwide. And be sure to catch our video clips from Maxim, Wankelmut and Sam.


Gentleman - Starting Over with Album Number Six

A new day is dawning for Gentleman with his latest album, "New Day Dawn." It's about nothing less than new beginnings. Germany's number one reggae export coped with the loss of friends and many changes in 2012. He recorded the album in Jamaica, his second home.

Avantasia- Rock Opera Storms the Charts

He's done it again! The new Avantasia album is Tobias Sammet's next final appearance, so to speak. In 2011 he announced the end of his solo project. Why did he change his mind? He was bored with his day job as singer with the heavy metal combo Edguy. So he wrote another installment of his rock opera project and promptly conquered Europe's Top Ten charts.

HIT: Maxim - Meine Soldaten

Without broken hearts and unhappy relationships, the world would have a lot fewer songs. One example is the single "Meine Soldaten" by Maxim. The 30-year-old singer-songwriter wrote it when he was at a low point in his love life. That much authenticity speaks to people: with his single Maxim has now worked his way up to number 18 in the German charts.

TIP I: Wankelmut - My Head Is a Jungle

When Berlin DJ Wankelmut remixed a song by Israeli folk musician Asaf Avidan, he couldn't have imagined what he was unleashing. The piece became an internet hit in 2012 and the single a chart success. Now Wankelmut is releasing a successor track: the shy producer doesn't dare to brave the limelight in the video. Instead he's sent out Australian singer Emma Louise. Deep house with hit potential!

TIP II: Sam - Wir

They look like twins, but they were born a year apart. The brothers Samson and Chelo Wieland are united by their love of hip-hop, which they enrich with pop elements. In 2012, the duo came to the notice of a record label that also has successful rapper Cro under contract. The brothers were even a supporting act on his tour. Now Sam's first mini-album has been released.

CLASSIC: Jam & Spoon - Right in The Night (1993)

Jam & Spoon were the great heroes of the techno scene in the early 1990s. Rolf Ellmer and Markus Löffel started producing dance and trance projects under various names. In 1993, "Right in the Night" brought them their breakthrough: they hit the Top Ten all over Europe. The song has just been released as a conversion. We have the original!

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On each edition of PopXport, we play a video clip where your challenge is to identify a detail.

This time the question is:
What is the little boy eating?

a) Ice cream
b) Candyfloss
c) A lollipop

We are giving away CDs by Gentleman, Maxim, Avantasia and Sam. The right answer to our quiz from March 29th, 2013 was b) Dice. Congratulations to Irina Golubkova from Samara in Russia!