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They’re one of the most successful bands in Germany, even if they sing in a local Cologne dialect. BAP now have two big events to celebrate - the band’s 35th anniversary and founder Wolfgang Niedecken’s 60th birthday. popXport brings you an exclusive report. Also in this week’s show, brand new singles by Gentleman and Thomas D, a hit video by Lena, as well as a classic by disco queen Donna Summer.


BAP - Double Celebration

With ten No. 1 albums under their belt, BAP have had more records at the top of the German charts than any other rock band - even though they sing in a local dialect. The band from Cologne is also popular abroad.

BAP have toured across Europe, the former Soviet Union and China. Vocalist Wolfgang Niedecken is the only original member who’s still in the band. And he has a lot to celebrate. His band is now 35 years old and he’s turning 60. BAP’s new album has already reached number three in the German charts, and Niedecken has looked back on his life with an autobiography. We do the same in this week’s show.

Music Videos

In every show we present at least one Hit Video, one Video Tip and one full-length Classic Video.

Hit Video:
Lena - "Taken by a Stranger"

Video Tip I:
Gentleman - "I Got to Go"

Video Tip II:
Thomas D - "Gebet an den Planet 11.0"

Classic Video:
Donna Summer - "I Feel Love" (1977)

New Releases

And as always the best of the new releases…

Music Scene

Here we bring you the latest from the German music scene.