Pop from the German Top 100 | Soundscape 100 | DW | 11.04.2008
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Soundscape 100

Pop from the German Top 100

A certain Bettina in the charts is told to put some clothes on, a Hamburg hip-hop whiz boasts about himself and some German rockers ask the existential question, "What would you do if tomorrow it all came to an end?"

The band Fettes Brot

The band Fettes Brot

Rappers like to boast about being King of the World, but Rapsoul is delivering the encouraging message that anyone can be, if he just follows his interests. What's in a name? Twenty-eight-year old Thomas Huebner of Erfurt calls himself Clueso, the Sugababes are more than just sweet, and Panik changed their collective name to Nevada Tan and back again to Panik. Das Bo is a driving force in the northern German hiphop scene. Of German and Bosnian descent, his real name is Mirko Bogojević. Fettes Brot sing about a certain bare-breasted Bettina. Another song of infantile sexuality? Nope, they're decrying the omnipresent use of sex in the media.

  • Färger/Neumann/Taylor/Bauss: König der Welt with Rapsoul on 01892 Supersonic-GUN
  • Clueso/Mayer/Bernewitz/Milner/Bätge/Tetzlaff/Kohlhaas/Aue: Kein Zentimeter with Clueso on 00144 FOUR MUSIC PRODUCTIONS
  • Jensen/Larsson/Scarlett/Range/Buchanan/Berrabah: Change with Sugababes on 00407 Island Records
  • Bonk/Ziegler/Schewe/Werner: Was würdest du tun with Panik on 14513 VERTIGO BERLIN 17629422
  • Zauner/Strobel/Zauner: Ohne Bo with Das Bo on 00162 COLUMBIA 2494212
  • Lauterbach/Warns/Vandreier/Bronsert/Szar: Bettina (zieh dir bitte etwas an) with Fettes Brot on 13854 Fettes Brot Schallplatten
  • Holopainen: Bye Bye Beautiful with Nightwish on 07027 NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS NB20872