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Poor Results - The UN Millennium Declaration

The rich nations made promises to the poor, and they called them the UN Millennium Development Goals. Hunger, poverty and child mortality were all set to fall by the year 2015. How does the situation stand today?

03.12.2015 DW Doku Armutszeugnis 3

16-year old Gustavo has spent the past few years working as a street vendor.

On a personal search for answers, reporters Carsten Behrendt and Marcus Niehaves set off to find out whether or not the world has improved. Six years ago they went on a journey to Ecuador, Ethiopia and Cambodia. The people they met shared their stories for this award-winning film. Now the reporters are back on the road and they want to know if these people’s situation has improved.

03.12.2015 DW Doku Armutszeugnis 2

Children no longer work at this landfill site in Samborondon, Ecuador.

When they first met him, six-year old Eusebio was working in a landfill site near Guayaquil in Ecuador. Child labor has since been banned in Ecuador, but instead of going to school Eusebio is sat at home with nothing to do. He’s counting down the days until he can work on the dump again, which will be in two years when he turns 18. The reporters also planned to meet up with Ethiopian farmer Kumsa Negera. Six years ago the young man was living in a small hut in the countryside. His hut has since vanished and there’s no trace of Negera or his family. Where is he and what happened to him? Is he even still alive?

03.12.2015 DW Doku Armutszeugnis 5

Ven Sophal’s circumstances haven’t changed in the last six years.

Their third stop is Cambodia, where the reporters are looking for Li Sophal. The mother of five used to live on the roof of a former cinema in central Phnom Penh. She was deeply upset by her standard of living – clean drinking water was too expensive, her children were sick and she felt they’d slipped by the wayside. Six years later her children are alone and the mother is no longer alive. What’s their story?

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