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Policeman in German town of Herborn stabbed to death in train station

A police officer in the state of Hesse has died after a young man stabbed him in a train station on Christmas Eve. Another officer was also wounded in the attack, as was the perpetrator himself.

Two police officers were attacked and one was killed after they attempted to question a 27-year-old in a train station in the western German town of Herborn.

The victim, a 46-year-old, was stabbed a total of seven times, including once in the neck and shoulder. The attacker himself was shot, but is in stable condition.

The young man was reported to have been acting aggressively earlier that night, prompting the train station to call the police.

Following the attack, police unions railed against rising levels of violence directed at law enforcement. "The violence against representatives of the state has gotten out of control," said German Police Union Chairman Rainer Wendt in an interview with "Focus Online."

He added the violence impacts not only police officers, but also employees of the courts and job centers.

blc/bk (dpa, AFP)

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