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Police question woman for giving liquor-filled candy to grandson

Police in Bavaria have interrogated a 67-year-old woman after she presented a box of liquor-filled chocolate to her grandson. The child's mother had filed a complaint.

The mother of the 11-year-old was "hysterical" and "furious" when she arrived at the police station, officials said on Tuesday. The woman was angry at the boy's grandmother for presenting him with a box of pralines filled with alcohol.

Officials called up the grandmother. The 67-year-old told officers that she hadn't realized how much inconvenience the candy had caused.

The amused police officers then recorded the following statement in their file: "The grandmother realized how unethical her behavior had been and showed the necessary regret after the police's warning."

Meanwhile, the conscientious 11-year-old did not eat the candy. He took a bite but spat it out after he tasted the alcohol.

mg/bk (dpa)

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