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Police in German city warn of Islamist terrorism threat

Police in the city of Bremen have warned of a potential Islamist terrorism threat based on information from federal authorities. The announcement is the latest in a recent series of such warnings in various cities.

Police in the northwestern German city of Bremen said on Saturday that they had received information "from a federal authority" about "activities of potential Islamist offenders."

They said that "coordinated and appropriate security measures" were being taken to combat the threat of a terrorist attack, including in public spaces.

A police spokesman told the DPA news agency that all relevant buildings were being protected.

No further details were given.

Since the beginning of the year, German authorities have warned of the

potential danger of attacks by radical Islamists

on several occasions.

Roughly two weeks ago, police in the northern city of Braunschweig

canceled a Carnival parade

after receiving concrete information about possible attacks with an Islamist background, while on January 19, a demonstration by the "anti-Islamization" group PEGIDA was

called off

for similar reasons.

tj/kms (dpa, Reuters)

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