Poles Threaten To Veto EU Constitution | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 11.12.2003
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Poles Threaten To Veto EU Constitution

Poland's president says the country will not sway on the issue of vote weighing in a European consitution. If a compromise isn't found Poland threatens to veto the draft this week.

Poland is threatening to torpedo a deal to approve the European Union’s first constitution if it does not get its way on how the votes of member states are weighed. Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski said Wednesday that if the weight of its votes is reduced, his country would veto the deal which has been almost two years in the making. "If the position is what is in the treaty, without the chance for compromise, we cannot say yes," he told the BBC. The Polish foreign minister yesterday echoed this sentiment, saying that his country had little room for maneuver on the matter, according to the Financial Times. Both warnings come on the eve of talks meant to wrap up negotiations on the EU constitution, a signal that in spite of fierce pressure, Poland is not ready to back down yet. But Poland’s hard line may cost it dearly as Germany in particular becomes more impatient for a deal. Berlin is threatening to cut regional aid to Poland and Spain, who also back the current voting system, if the two countries do not lift their objections to the text. ( EUobserver.com)