Polarkreis 18 – Topping the Charts with ″Allein Allein″ | Newcomer Portrait | DW | 23.02.2009
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Newcomer Portrait

Polarkreis 18 – Topping the Charts with "Allein Allein"

The surprise act of 2008, German indie band Polarkreis 18 finally had a breakthrough with their second album, "The Colour of Snow". The six musicians started out ten years ago as a school band in Dresden.


Back then, they played punk and heavy metal under the name, "Jack of all Trades". The name change to Polarkreis 18 also brought a change of style to their signiature mix of electronic beats and indie sounds. Their single, "Allein Allein" took them to the top of the German charts for the first time.

Now Polarkreis 18 are getting a taste of international success. We checked them out at a concert in the Danish capital Copenhagen, and we got to know the band during a video shoot in their home town of Dresden.

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