Poland Plans Immigration Countermeasures | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 28.04.2004
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Poland Plans Immigration Countermeasures

Poland has announced that it may be about to enforce tit-for-tat restrictions on workers from Western Europe.

According to Rzeczpospolita, Poland will follow Slovakia and Hungary and limit access to their labour markets for current EU countries. The newspaper reported that only Irish and British nationals will be granted full access to its job market from May 1. So far only these two countries have not imposed barriers on the movement of workers from the new EU member states - although access to social welfare has been restricted. Sweden may well be another as its parliament today is expected to vote against imposing restrictions. But it is not only EU countries that will be hit, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are also on the black list. The Polish countermeasures await ministerial approval which is expected to come at the last moment. (EUobserver.com)

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