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euromaxx à la carte

Poached egg with asparagus and poppy butter

This recipe comes to us courtesy of Diana Burkel from the Würzhaus restaurant in Nuremberg

Serves two:

2 eggs, broken into 2 small bowls
1 pot with boiling, very sour vinegar water
1 pot with boiling, very salty water
1 tbs. poppy seed -- whole, not ground!
1 tbs. butter
to season: pepper

4 spears of peeled white asparagus, cut diagonally into pieces
1 sprig of rosemary
1 garlic close
to season: salt, sugar, pepper, olive oil

2 spears of peeled white asparagus, cut in thin slices
2 spears of green asparagus, cut in thin slices
3 radishes, cut in thin slices
1 bunch of chives, cut coarsely into 2-centimeter lengths
1 handful of mixed cress
to season: vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper

Swirl the boiling vinegar water to create an eddy, then slip the eggs into it quickly. Let them solidify for a minute, then move them to the salt water and cook another 2 minutes. Remove and let them drip off. Heat and lightly roast the poppy seed in the foaming butter.

Sear the pieces of asparagus and flavor with rosemary and garlic. Seaspon with salt, sugar, and pepper.

Mix the thin slices of vegetables, season lightly, and mix with just a little vinegar and oil. 

Drape the seared asparagus on the plate. Use it as the foundation for the poached egg and top with poppy butter. Then place the salad loosely on top.

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