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Here's this week's playlist from Bundesliga Kickoff! from the 11th of December 2008.


Club Confidential
Billy Cobham - Stratus
Bomb the Bass – Old John
LCD Soundsystem - Us & Them
Aesop Rock - Boombox
DJ Shadow – Blood on the Motorway
DJ Spooky & Dave Lombardo – Quantum Cyborg Drum Machine

Match Day
Kaizers Orchstra – Drom Hardt (Requiem Pt1)
Messer Chups – Druzilla-Twist
Kaizers Orchestra – Evig Pint
Kaizers Orchestra – Kontroll Pi Kontinentet
Kaizers Orchestra – 170

On The Spot
Man or Astro-Man? – The Miracle Of Genuine Pyrex

Kick it like
Morton Stevens "Hawaii five- o"

A Day In Life
t.A.T.u - Intro
t.A.T.u - You and I
t.A.T.u - Snegopady
t.A.T.u - Marsianskiye Glaza