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Here's this week's playlist from Bundesliga Kickoff! from 06 November, 2008.


Club Confidential

Brackrecordings Allstars – Unt
Evol Intent – Call To Arms
Minilogue – Ahck
D1 – Baboo
Dusty Springfield – Spooky
Ratatat – Seventeen Years
Skream – Emotional Mute
Brackrecordings Allstars – Unt

Match Day
Roisin Murphy – Ramalama Bang Bang
Cheb I Sabbah – Gnawa Impulse: Lahillah Express
Diana Ross and the Supremes – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
Bobby Vinton – Stand By Your Man
La Base – Sabor Sabroson

On The Spot
Like a Pen – The Knife
Figuralni tance – Vsacan
Slip into something more comfortable – Kinobe
Cockverlo – Aphex Twin

Soccer Stories
Moby- Landing
Title - Rocky
Ween- Voodoo Lady
Title - Dirty Dancing
Title - Pirates oft eh carribean
Title - Indianer Jones
Title - Magnum
Title - James Bond: Goldfinger
Title - A Team

Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough