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Here's this week's playlist from Bundesliga Kickoff! from 10 October, 2008.



José Feliciano – California Dreaming

Kick it Like

Madcon – Beggin

Kaiserbase - Berlin du bist so wunderbar

DJ Shadow - Number Song

This Weekend's Games

Björk – Scatterheart

Björk – Cvalda

Björk – Hunter

Art Blakey & The Jazzmakers – Moanin

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Way Way Down Yonder

A Day in the Life of

Four Tet - Twenty Three

Match of the Day Fight Club OST - What Is Fight Club

Fight Club OST - Corporate World

Fight Club OST - Psycho Boy Jack

AphexTwin - Bucephalus Bouncin

Roni Size - Watching Windows

Clint Mansell - We Got the Gun

Gus Gus – Anthem

Psilonaut - Third From the Sun

12 Spacetime Continuum

On the Spot

Killing Zoe OST – Canan

Killing Zoe OST - The assembler

Killing Zoe OST - Go