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Here's this week's playlist from Bundesliga Kickoff! from 18 September, 2008.


Dark Knight Soundtrack - Why so serious?
Dark Knight Soundtrack - Harvey Two Face
UEFA Champions League Title Song
Dark Knight Soundtrack - And I thought My Jokes Were Bad
Dark Knight Soundtrack - Introduce a Little Anarchy

Portishead - Threads
Portishead - Machine Gun
Portishead - Magic Doors
Portishead - Nylon Smile
Portishead - We Carry On

Am Mann
Cheur Gregoren de Paris - Dominus dixit ad me
Placebo – Running up that hill

Kick it like
Stiphnoyds - Afraid of the russians
Boy- Zem0
Anthem Russia - 2000 instr-elmio 2004

Ein Tag im Leben
Tosca – Honey
Akmusique - Cafe Noir
A Guy Called Gerald - Fever
Mo' Horizons - Dance Naked Under Palmtrees
Yonderboi - Another Geometry

Flying Lizards - Money