Plastic Paradise | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 29.11.2001
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Plastic Paradise

For years, Tupperware parties - the only way to buy those famous plastic boxes - were all the rage in Germany. Tupperware fans can now shop till they drop at Germany's first Tupperware stand.


Simply invincible - Tupperware

"Tupperware" is a word that has more than once made men break out in a cold sweat. A negative comment by an ignorant husband on a housewife's new Tupperware soup ladle can easily lead to a nasty encounter with a (plastic) rolling pin.

Just one of the reasons why the legendary "Tupperware" parties are still rather unpopular with men, but all the more so with housewives.

Disturbing domestic peace is, however, not Tupperware's aim, which is why they have now set up their first German Tupperware information and sales stand in Berlin. Here, housewives can discuss "Tupperware" party dates, try out Tupperware boxes and bowls in various shapes and sizes, and check this year's new Tupperware collection. All in all a clear break with the 50-year-old Tupperware-party tradition.

According to Tupperware, however, the company is not planning on opening a chain of Tupperware shops. The stand is regarded as an addition to Tupperware's current product range – and is particularly convenient for those not keen on parties. The stand is also a way of presenting Tupperware to people not acquainted with the much-loved plastic household articles.

When it comes to Tupperware parties – Germany tops the list. According to Tupperware, 14 million guests go to 1,5 million Tupperware parties a year. There are even said to be the odd all-men "Tupperware" parties, too. Tupperware vegetable freezer boxes can be extremely useful for storing screws.

The majority of Tupperware parties are frequented by women - an average ten housewives meet, preferably at home, to test and enjoy the latest in Tupperware products. The host receives a present from Tupperware – at current it is a plastic pepper mill. Tupperware party hosts can easily become Tupperware advisors, who then get their share of the turnover.

For years, Tupperware products were said to invincible. It was impossible to break them. Now, the guarantee on Tupperware boxes, soup ladles and cutting boards is supposed to last 30 years at least.

After 50 years, Tupperware products are still going strong. Although the products themselves do not seem to be dying out, the parties do appear to be becoming less frequented. Young people and households prefer their kind of partying, to staying at home inspecting plastic boxes. But as "retro" is all the rage in Germany, who knows: Mother's plastic sandwich box may be the next trend in party accessories.