Party Hard During Cologne′s Carnival Season | DW Travel | DW | 02.02.2008
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Party Hard During Cologne's Carnival Season

We asked readers who've traveled to Germany about their experiences and they shared some tips about their favorite destinations. Have you been to Germany too? Click on the link below to tell us about your trip.

Gaynor and Alan Ferrari

Gaynor and Alan Ferrari said they enjoy the sense of humor in Germany

Gaynor Ferrari, a PR manager, and her husband Alan Ferrar, a Web designer, are from London.

Our favorite destination in Germany: Cologne during carnival.

Our preferred accommodation: Sleeping on futons at a friend's place -- shower and good breakfast included.

A perfect day in Cologne: When the people of Cologne celebrate carnival on the streets with visitors from all over the world. Everyone is dressed up, there's music everywhere -- and sometimes there's even sunshine.

We tend to spend our money on: Not for shopping or eating out, but for beer -- uh, Kölsch.

Our tip: Go on a tour of the city by taxi to get a feel for the carnival spirit at night.

Where we want to visit next: We'd like to experience the official opening of the carnival season on Nov. 11 at 11:11 am.

What we like best about Germany: The openness of the people, the good food -- and that the people have a good sense of humor.


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