Part of the Berlin Wall Goes Up Again | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 06.10.2004
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Part of the Berlin Wall Goes Up Again

Almost 15 years after it was largely brought down by frenzied East and West Germans, a part of the Berlin Wall is to be resurrected at the German capital's famous border crossing, Checkpoint Charlie. Alexandra Hildebrandt, head of the Wall Museum said that 17 original cement blocks of the wall had been restored by Wednesday, adding that the wall when extended by the planned 120 blocks, would reach a total length of 200 meters. The resurrection is meant to take the form of a memorial. The cement blocks had so far been preserved by Alexandra Hildebrandt, whose late husband and founder of the Wall Museum, Rainer Hildebrandt, had acquired the remains after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It still remains unclear whether the Wall parts, that will be in place until the end of the year, will be painted over by artists.

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