Part 5 - High-Tech-Yarns from the Allgäu | World Champions | DW | 03.02.2009
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World Champions

Part 5 - High-Tech-Yarns from the Allgäu

The W. Zimmermann company, located in south-western Germany, produces technical threads and high-tech yarns.


The firm employs 80 people. Zimmermann's business manager Hans-Peter Mauch is responsible for much of the company's success. Over the last few decades, he's helped the firm become the market leader with products like elastic threads for socks and medical yarns. And Mauch is now focussing his attention on high-tech yarns which can be used to make heatable textiles for ski jackets or heatable components for car interiors. The firm's latest innovation is a fabric which shields people from cell phone radiation. Christian Pricelius reports.

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