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Paris prepares for a minute of silence

France is marking a third and final day of national mourning. On Monday at midday, Paris will fall silent for a minute to remember those who died and those who were injured in the terror attacks of Friday.

The sun was shining in Paris as residents stepped out into the world still struggling to come to grips with Friday's terrorist attacks.

"We are here. We are coming to terms with something that is new to us," said Alban Zipper de Fabiani, a young entrepreneur in the Marais district. "Every day I go past the places where these attacks happened. I live five minutes from there."

Public buildings were closed on Sunday as the first of three days of mourning for those who died and were injured was observed. But people still turned out in the warm, unexpected sunshine.

Amid reports of French airstrikes on the so-called "Islamic State" in Syria and an ongoing manhunt for those involved in Friday's attacks, the dedication of French families and friends to do what they usually do was clear. A mid-morning coffee, an ice cream with the kids or a walk in the park with the dog were the focus of the day.

Life goes on

Frankreich Cafe du Marche nach Terroranschlägen in Paris

Café du Marche, Paris

In a similar vein, events which had been planned for months went on - church services, cultural events and small-scale concerts all happened in the smaller venues of the French capital.

The Paris Psychoanalytic Society (SPP), developing a new center in the 13th arrondissement in order to set up projects for youth and a library, went ahead with a benefit piano concert that had been in the works for months.

In its past, the society has been supported by some of France's most famous names - including Marie Bonaparte, related to France's most renowned emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte.

The moving and beautiful concert, performed by Princess Caroline Murat, a member of France's Imperial family directly descended from Bonaparte's youngest sister, went ahead as scheduled, with a minute's silence held for the victims of Friday's attacks.

Frankreich Cafe Bistro nach Terroranschlägen in Paris

Sunday afternoon in Paris

Cross-Channel support

Continuing the trend, on Tuesday - ahead of the friendly soccer match between England and France - British fans have said they will sing France's national anthem as a sign of solidarity with their European colleagues across the Channel.

As France adjusts to a new normal in terms of its everyday security, there are signs of European understanding happening spontaneously which would probably not have made sense even a week ago.

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