Pakistan′s media landscape | Media Development | DW | 13.02.2014
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Media Development

Pakistan's media landscape

Much has changed since Pakistan's media sector was liberalized in 2002. Academic researchers and media experts discussed these changes during DW's fourth Media Dialogue. The symposium proceedings are now available.

Although Pakistan's media sector boomed after being liberalized in 2002, it has since also faced a number of challenges. Pakistani journalists were not prepared for this new freedom of expression and began replacing state censorship with a variety of their own. Pakistan is also one of the most dangerous countries for journalists. Financial constraints, online media and social networks, and pressure by radical religious groups and the military are also having an influence on the overall media landscape.

During the Deutsche Welle Media Dialogue 2013, international academics and experts discussed Pakistan's changing media environment and the challenges journalists are facing. The symposium #link: have now been released by Vistas Medienverlag. The editor is Prof. Dr. Christoph Schmidt, head of DW Akademie's Master's program, International Media Studies. Nine papers written by academics and experts from Australia, Germany, Norway and the USA analyze various aspects of Pakistan’s growing media sector.

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