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Global 3000


You would like to join our QUESTIONNAIRE segment but you can't send us any video clips or tape? Here we are very pleased to receive your written contribution via e-mail, perhaps enclosing a photo!

04.2008 DW-TV Global 3000 Umfrage

04.2008 DW-TV Global 3000 Umfrage

Tell us about yourself:

  • What is your name, how old are you and where do you live?
  • What do you do for a living, how much do you earn?
  • What does globalization mean to you?
  • What worries you?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What's your favorite food?
  • How do you spend your leisure time?
  • What do you expect for your future?
  • Which country would you like to visit?

Just fill in the contact form below or send us an e-mail directly:


Name: Tornike Paichadze
Country: Georgia
Profession: Student

My name is Tornike Paichadze and I’m a student. I am also a sculptor and create pieces in many different styles. My favorite is surrealism.
I think that globalization is a continuous process and it is beneficial to mankind. It can bring progress to the cultures of every country. For that reason I believe that globalization is a good thing for the world.


Name: Jannati Jahan Jeny
Country: Bangladesh
Profession: Student

My name is Jannati Jahan Jeny and I am 17 years old. I live in the Bogra district in Bangladesh. I’m in 10th grade, so I don’t earn a living, I go to school. But sometimes I earn money by sewing clothes.

Globalization is the process of international integration rising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture. I´m worried about the climate change and women’s rights. I have no independence in my society because I am female. But doing things like surfing in the internet, which is forbidden for females in our society, makes me happy.

My favorite food is all kinds of vegetables. In my free time, I like to sew clothes, teach poor school girls and surf the internet - which is very difficult for me.

I think I will become a school teacher. I want to teach girls who can’t go to school due to poor economic circumstances in their families. I would like to visit Germany, although I know it’s not possible for me.


Name: Atilio Orellana Rojas
Country: Japan
Profession: Private assistant

My name is Atilio Orellana Rojas, I´m 50 years old and I live on the southern Japanese island of Shikoku. I work as the private assistant for the owner of a company that produces gloves, wheelchairs, and suitcases. My salary is good enough.

I came to Japan over four years ago. I used to live in Europe, in The Hague, a really lively city.

For the last few years I have been living in a really small village in the heart of Kagawa Prefecture. There no universities, theatres, movie theaters or anything like that here. But I don’t miss them because I can watch things on the Internet.

To me, globalization is about how easy it is to stay connected to the world, having the opportunity to study in far away places, to visit museums virtually or listen to lectures via the web.

I am concerned about global climate change, the use of nuclear power plants and political instability in many places.

My idea of happiness is spending time with my partner. I love pizza and in my free time I like to read, listen to music, and go to museums.

As for the future, I would like to get my master degree and I would like to visit Slovenia and San Marino.


Name: Abdelilah Boubchir
Country: Algeria
Profession: Restorer

My name isAbdelilah Boubchir and I’m 22 years old. I live in a small town called Sidi Bel Abbès, about 400 km west of Algiers.

I workas a painter in a company that specializes in the restoration of cultural monuments and I earn 30,000 dinars a month. That’s around 300 €.

To me, globalizationmeans the fulfillment of the needs of each individual. The interrelationship between people, deregulation, free trade, international activities, financial flows and the development of transport and communication.

What worries me is the general lack of transparency.

Principles and beliefsmake me happy. As a painter, I always try to maintain the heritage of artifacts and exceed expectations.

My favorite dish isgrilled eggplantandsausage.

Ilike to watch history programs and "National Geographic" and culture shows. In my spare time I like to listen to French music, as well as Moiky, a popular Algerian artist.

Mymain hobbies are collecting stamps, photography and painting, and writing letters to friends from various countries around the world. I also have friends in Germany.

InthefutureI want to livea happy life.

I visit the dw.de website five times a week and enjoy the news – it’s really good. I would like to visit Germany.



Name: MD. Shahinur Alam
Country: Bangladesh
Profession: Medical student

I am MD. Shahinur Alam. I am 21 years old. I live in little town which name is Atafnagar. It is under Bogra district, Bangladesh. I am a Medical student. I earn a small amount by using a small time.

I think Globalization is the free movement of goods, services and people across the world in a seamless and integrated manner. I worries some disease like as diabetes, AIDS, leukemia (blood cancer) e.t.c. when a patient tell me now I am free from disease than I fell happy.

My favorite food is cow meat. I spend my leisure time by listening shortwave radio and browsing radio website.

I expect my future as a good doctor. I want to visit my patient free. I will always work for poor people. I would like to visit Europe country ( Germany) .


01.08.2013 DW TV GLOBAL 3000 Muzibul Haque

Name: Muzibul Haque
Country: Bangladesh
Profession: Service Engineer

My name is Muzibul Haque, and I am 34 years of age. I live in Jessore,
Bangladesh. I am an engineer, ATM and POS Technologie. I earn very
little per month(Al-Hamdulella).
I think, globalization is an integration process of everyone with
everything. That means the globalization process has effects on the
environment, on societies , on economic development , on political
systems, on culture. On the other hand globalization is making the
world as one Village.
What makes me happy is to see that my child is enjoying our love.
What worries me is the global warming, social pollution and
destruction of wildlife habitat.
My favorite food is Pizza and soft drink.
I spend my leisure time watching TV, Internet browsing and listening music.
I expect my future as a successful Social Worker.
I would like to visit Germany.


Name: Mitul Kansal
Country: India
Profession: mechanical engineer

I am Mitul Kansal. I am 23 years old. I live in small town Shahabad Markanda, situated on the bank of river Markanda in the district Kurukhetra in Haryana state of India. It is 180 km away from Delhi. Recently I have become a mechanical engineer, at present, I am in search of a job. Nowadays I help my father in his business of cloth- merchant. For me, globalization means ‘sense of belongingness’. The world is not collection of isolated individuals; all are somehow connected with one another. Man suffers not only from war, persecution, famine and ruin but from inner problem………., a conviction of isolation, randomness and meaningless in his way of existence. In simple words alienation is a process where by people feel and become foreigner to the world they are living in. I have firm faith in the beautiful verse expressed in Rigveda : ---“Let your aims be one and same, Let your hearts be joined together, May your minds be in accord, And At peace with all, so may you be.” My weakness makes me to feel worried. Every human being suffers from some weakness. So do I. I am sensitive, impulsive and emotional by nature. I can never refuse to help anyone who asks for it. Very often I go out of the way to help. I trust people easily if they are nice to me. But I have often been cheated by them. It hurts me, but I recover. People take undue advantage of my weakness. In my impulse I make decisions quickly and there is no stopping me from going ahead first into trouble. I cannot accept failures and on account of it, I go through terrible moments of depression. I try to remove my weakness and drawbacks to improve my outlook but after some time I revert back to my original form. Still, I hold a ray of hope that someday I shall overpower all my weakness. My home makes me happy. My first love is my home where I know I am surrounded by those who love me. My parents and sister are fond of me. They are my true well-wishers as well as my best guides. This is place where I take so much with little to give. I get all encouragement here. I feel most comfortable. Thus my home always keeps me very happy. East or West, Home is the Best. My favorite food is ‘purees and kachories with cooked gram or potatoes. In sweet dishes, I like ‘barfi’, ‘rasgoolas’ and ‘gulab jaamuns’, I also like very much salty dishes like ‘samosaas and ‘pakoraas’. Above all, my most favorite food is ‘daal-roti’ cooked by my mother. “What is this life full of care? We have no time to stand and stare.” I spend my spare or leisure time by reading a light work, a look at comics or tv serial like ‘Discovery’ ,’History’ and ‘National geographic’ . In my spare time, I also enjoy music or a look at the blooming flowers in my town’ park. My main hobbies are stamp-collection, coin-collection and photography. Three times a week, I also visit website:--dw.de and enjoy it fully. I expect the elders to understand the present, accept the changes and support me for my future. They should not linger in the past and force their superstitions and conservative ideas upon me. They should suggest rather than force me to accept whatever they feel right, is right. They should understand my point of view. They must accept their own mistakes and actions. They must practice what they preach. They hold my love, attention and respect if they are fair in their judgment for my actions. I expect our elders to be my ideals and a source of inspiration for framing my bright future. I am very hopeful about my bright future…….’Learn from past, Live for today. Work for future, Life will be gay.’ I would like to visit Germany, because I think Germany is the sanctuary of traditions, customs and rich cultural heritage. As I am also a regular visitor and user of website:-dw.de. I would like to meet the contributors and other staff-members of DW and to experience their hospitality, friendship, fraternity and mutual understanding.


Name: Tiffany Griggs
Country: USA
Profession: co-runs an auto-repair business and is a teacher

My name is Tiffany Griggs. I am 43 years old. I live in Taylor, which is in the U.S. state Texas, near Austin. I co-own an auto-repair business together with my husband. I earn about $5,000 a year from that for my part. Also I am a Business Education teacher at a big high school and here I earn $43,500 per year before taxes.

Globalization means an adjustment of incomes throughout the world's middle classes: incomes coming down in the west and developed nations. And incomes going up in the world's developing countries.

What worries me is that industrial development brings also environmental and social pollution. Industrial development does not always promise wealth and education to a society. Socially, there is radical change, greed and corruption. And environmentally there is water and air pollution, deforestation and destruction of wildlife habitat.

What makes me happy is to see people help people and animals in distress and doing what they can do to make their environment healthier. I have 2 favorites dishes: vietnamese Pho and mexican Mole Enchiladas.

In my leisure time I watch British comedies on you tube and I like scuba diving. For my future I expect to get my master's degree; probably get some form of cancer and get over it; travel in the summer; and retire when I'm 65 or 70 years old. Also I would like to visit Tanzania to scuba dive in the Highland Lakes.


Name: Knut Friedo
Country: J.D. Ocampos in Paraguay
Profession: runs a small tourist hotel

My name is Knut Friedo. I'm 48 years old and live in J.D.Ocampos in Paraguay. We run a small tourist hotel that's also used by locals. For me, globalization means more international mobility and benefits for the economy. What worries me though is that oil reserves are running out faster than expected. Here in Paraguay, a relatively poor country, people are more dependent on oil than Europeans for instance. We're not as specialised and can't just switch to electricity-generated energy. I enjoy nature and the simple life, without wanting more and more. I eat fruit out of my own garden and won't say no to a grilled assado feast every now and then. I regularly watch Deutsche Welle TV but mostly I stay out of doors like most people here. I would like to see more efforts to maintain a clean global environment so that human beings can enjoy our wonderful planet for years to come. I have never been to the USA.


Name: Mohammed Yahiya
Country: India
Profession: Assistant Professor

My name is Mohammed Yahiya. I am 26 years old and I live in India (Chennai). I am working as an assistant professor at the New College Chennai (University of Madras). For me globalization means that the world is becoming a huge global village. What worries me is the economic crisis and what makes me happy is unity. My favorite food is Lemon Rice. For my leisure time I like to surf in the Internet or watch television programs from all around the world. For my future I expect peace and I would like to visit European countries.


09.01.2012 DW-TV Global Mahesh Jain 1 D_E_S

Name: Mahesh Jain
Country: India
Profession: Teacher in government school

My name is Mahesh Jain. I am 31 years old and I live in Delhi, India. I am a teacher in a government school and work there as a commerce teacher and earn a good salary by Indian middle class standards (about 700 US dollars a month).

To me, globalization is integrating the people of the world on one platform. “All human beings are equal" must be the true spirit of globalization. What worries me a lot is the corruption in my country, rising prices, rising corporate greed and the insensitivity of the government on the issues facing the common man every day. What makes me happy is that I am with my family and reach home safely in the evening.

I love vegetarian food. I spend my leisure time with my family, listening to the radio and music. I see the future and I hope that everything settles down. I would like to visit Germany and other European countries, not for any particular reason, but because I haven't visited abroad yet.


31.10.2011 DW-TV Global 3000 Ben Rabah

Name: Bezazel Ferhat Ben Rabah
Country: Algeria
Profession: Works in a Library

My name is Bezazel Ferhat Ben Rabah, I am 30-years old and I live in Skikda in the north-east of Algeria, just about 200 km from the main capital of Tunesia, Tunis, and some 600 km from the Algerian capital, Algiers.

For a living I am working in a library. Here I earn one million Algerian dinars per month, the equivalent of 100 Euros. Globalization means to me creating a bridge between all the nations of this world and let them get to know each other easily - the world of today is like one building.
What worries me is unemployment and there is no confidence in the future of Algeria.
Collecting postage stamps and postcards so I can learn more about the cultures of this world is what makes me happy. My favorite food is couscous and chicken and I spend my leisure time writing letters and listening to dw-radio in bonn. I always say, “write a letter and enjoy life better!”
For my future, I expect to be unemployed. Germany, the Land of Ideas, is the country I would like to visit. In this picture, one can see me and my best friend from Germany, Hagen Ulbrich from Engerda in Thüringen. We met in Tunisia in 2009... after three years of writing letters.


Mohammed Yahiya

Name: Enock Othin
Country: Uganda
Profession: Merchant

My name is Enock Othin, Am 33yrs old. I live in Kampala, Uganda. I do Personal Business. My monthly honorarium depends on the Sales which I consider a Job because of the efforts, commitment and time I give.
Globalization to me is to develop and operate worldwide. Everyone is given the privilege to develop, share and experience each others culture.
The escalating problem of Food Crisis at the "Horn of Africa" where people are dying.
What makes me happy is to see that everyone is enjoying "His Rights and Freedom".
My favorite food is Matooke and Pork but also anything eatable as long as its not harmful I enjoy.
I do spend my leisure time reading novels, movies, playing games like chess, watching documentaries and love doing voluntary work.
Being able to work for a reputable organization so as I am able to give a helping hand to the needy and also have a God centered family.
Hopefully, I would like to visit Switzerland, Holland, UK, South Korea and Germany to see the Berlin wall.


03.08.2011 DW-TV GLOBAL 3000 Ronnie

Name: Ronnie Das
Country: USA
Profession: Journalist

My name is Ronnie Das. I am 24 years old and currently live in San Diego, CA.

I started my own TV show similar to Global 3000 where I go to different businesses and non-profit groups to see what green practices and sustainable solutions they do to enhance our planet. The show is on after Global 3000 in San Diego, CA on ITV - Channel 16. This is our first season, so as of now there is no measurable profit.

Globalization when practiced responsibly is very unifying, it makes our small planet that much more interconnected. Travel allows us to see other places and experience new realities which help us understand "another" environment while the internet allows us to communicate at a rate never before seen in history. Sustainable globalization with environmental justice considerations would mean a lot to me and the world as a whole.

Humans are the most amazing animal on the planet with the ability to change the world as we know it both positively and negatively, the biggest worry I have is apathy in the general population leading to a downgrade of our society. I know the world has problems, but if we work at those problems at least we can hope for a better tomorrow, if we sit and wallow than all is lost.

Life is simple, people make it complicated the thing that makes me most happy is happiness around me. If my friends, family and community are moving forward in a positive direction and happy than I am happy.

My favorite food is my mom's cooking, in high school I complained, but now living away from my parents, I miss it.

San Diego is blessed with a beautiful environment so I spend a lot of free time exploring the city with my friends. I travel to go snowboarding, but mainly bike and walk around San Diego.

The future is unclear and that is what inspires me, the fact that what we do today has consequences for tomorrow makes the future seem so intriguing at times I can't wait to call it the present, but today is today, and I do some good today than the future will be better.

I've always been interested in South American countries like Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. If I had to choose just one country it would be Brazil.


04.08.2011 DW-TV GLOBAL 3000 Samir Thapa

Name: Samir Thapa
Country: Nepal
Profession: Renewable Energy Engineer

I am Samir Thapa, 38 years old and I live in Kathmandu.

I am an engineer, more precisely a rural renewable energy expert. I earn very little.

Globalization means harmony, but is not really going towards that direction.

Nothing really worries me.

My daughter is what makes me happy.

My appetite makes my favorite food, but I like momo [a type of dumplings native to the Himalayas, editor's note].

I have very little leisure time, but then I read books and play with my daughter.

Equality and prosperity is it what I expect for the future.

I like to vistit South Africa.


01.08.2011 DW-TV GLOBAL 3000 Jere Kyu

Name: Jeremiah Othin
Country: Uganda
Profession: Interpreter

My Name is Jeremiah Othin, am 25 years old and I live in Jinja, Uganda

Am a freelance interpreter dealing in sign language interpreting, french and other local languages, my earning depends because I always earn differently depending on whats in the country but I always earn nice in summer when tourists are many especially from Europe and America.

To me globalization means coming together of different people from different cultures, believes and sharing many things like food, way of life from different walks of life.

Many things worry me like Aids in sub Sahara Africa but terrorism is worrying me more because of the many innocent people that are dying worldwide because of terrorism acts

May things make me happy like going in a different society and am liked and not discriminated, but also am always happy when I learn something new, but seeing people happy makes me happier.

I love fish and millet bread which is loved and favorite many Luo [an ethnic group in Kenya, eastern Uganda, and northern Tanzania, editor's note].

I always spend my leisure time speaking against terrorism and building awareness and sometimes watching TV especially current affairs.

I expect to be a very influential person who is going to change the mind set of many people especially terrorists to become peace loving.and I to see my self working for a big media network

Nice I really want to visit many countries like Australia, New zealand, Italy, Norway and first I would really love visiting France and Germany.


11.07.2011 DW-TV GLOBAL 3000 Luzviminda

Name: Luzviminda T. Ornada
Country: Philippines
Profession: Secretary

My name is Luzviminda T. Ornada, single 32 years old. I live in Las Navas, Northern Samar, Philippines. I work as a secretary in the office of our parish. The monthly honorarium I receive is for me a gift from a work/job which I no longer consider a job because of the fulfillment I feel of being able to serve God through other people.

Globalization for me is making the world as one. Everyone is given the privilege to share and experience each other's culture.

The global warming that we experience now worries me. If only all of us realize that we are not the only owners of this earth. Our future children deserve also a better world.

What makes me happy is when I hear the word "thank you" with a smile...What makes me more happy nowadays is the smile from my 4 month niece.

I do not have specific favorite food. Anything that is healthy and tastes good for me is enough.

Whenever I have a leisure time, I would spend it reading a book but most of the time I love listening to music, especially that of Josh Groban. Nowadays, I love spending it with my cute niece.
Being able to have a God-centered family with children living in a safe world is what I see in my future.

Being a Catholic, I dream and love to visit Italy, especially Rome.


01.07.2011 DW-TV Global FB_Markarious

Name: Markarious Aryeetey
Country: Ghana
Profession: Draughtsman

My name is Markarious Aryeetey, and I am forty years of age. I live in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. I am a draughtsman, and my salary is equivalent to 175 US dollars per month.

Globalisation is when something such as business operates or starts to operate in countries all over the world and also brings cultural activities together.

My worries are financial problems and I also want to set up my personal business.

It makes me happy when I am at home with my family watching documentaries on TV.

My favorite food is fried rice and chicken.

I spend my leisure time browsing and sight seeing.

I expect my future as a successful business man.

I would like to visit Germany.


28.04.2011 DW-TV Global 3000 Abdel

Name: Abdel Rahman Hassan Saad
Country: Sudan
Profession: Chemist

My name's Abdel Rahman Hassan Saad, I am 36 years old and I live in Khartoum, Sudan. I am a chemist/ water treatment & purification chemist. I earn about 950 USD.

Globalization means to me all people in a tiny village or small room, sharing the same resourses, helpness and their dreams to live in peace and healthy place. I do worry about the global climate and its massive changes, specially the water sarcity. I worry about the water pollution all over the world and particularly in Sudan, my country, for the chemical fertilizers enter the water without care to prevent the water resourse from them. I do hope that we can solve the water pollution all over the world.

Reading and writing make me happy. My favorite food is fish. I spend my leisure time on visiting galleries, parks and reading arts & scientific books and magazines. I expect that I will be professional in water treatment and a famous short story writer. I would like to visit Germany, the Netherlands, France and Italy.


28.04.2011 DW-TV Global 3000 Juan

Name: Juan Harbey Durango Styles
Country: Colombia

My name is Juan Harbey Durango Styles, I’m 19 years old. I was born in a city called Pereira in Risaralda province, Colombia. I live in Dosquebradas, Colombia and I study Accountancy at Corporación Universitaria Remington. My native language is Spanish and my second language is English and hope to learn German soon.

I haven’t found a partime job yet, although I’ve sent hundreds of CV all over the city. It’s quite hard for young people like me to be part of the economy in a developing country where work expierence is a must.

Globalization means the possibility to travel around the world, meet different cultures, ways of life, learn languages like English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Russian, French,... at mean, be an international citizen, not of a particular country, but of the entire world.

What worries me is extreme poverty, the climate change, the rising of the levels of the oceans and fail to fulfil all my dreams that I have in mind like becoming an accountant, going abroad and so forth.

What really makes me happy is to take pictures in all my trips to the countryside, feel the rain running down my face and have a good time with friends at restaurants or shopping centres.

My favorite food is chocolate, ice-cream, bananas,.. and my favorite dish is a very colombian one called Tamal that is made up of corn, meat, rice, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, green beans all cooked together in banana leafs, lovely!!!!!

When I have time-off I really enjoy going out with friends to party, read international news and sometimes do absolutely nothing just sleep or listen to music.

I see my future as a professional accountant working in the financial or banking sector of my country and having a second degree or specialization in international accountancy standards and economics, and being a globetrotter.

I’d rather visit New Zealand because of its mountainous spots and Auckland; Micronesia due to its unspoilt beaches and nature; Nauru because it’s a very tiny island in the middle of the pacific ocean; Australia because I’d really like to see the kangaroos and Koalas, the Maldives because it is a paradise with amazing coral reefs and islands - and Germany, because it is modern, environmentally friendly and has countless museams and a great history.


05.10.2010 DW-TV Global 3000 Nazih

Name: Nazih Mohammed
Country: Morocco
Profession: English Teacher

My name is Nazih Mohammed, I am 29. I live in Fkih Ben Salah, Morocco. I am an EFL teacher, and my constant monthly revenue is about $460.

As far as I am concerned, globalization is a process of integrating all nations of the world with their cultures, economies, policies, tradions, customs, lifestyles, religions and so on so forth into one nation, and this is is very dangerous, especially for the ancient, conservative, poor and weak nations.

What worries me is selfish, two faced, and pragmatic people, noise, routine, violence, exploitation in all its types, heat and global warming.

What makes me happy is my family members and friends because I share everything with them - and moderate and cold weather. I love salads, fruits, icecream, couscous, tagine, fish and barbecue.

What I really like is to play and watch football matches. In my free time, I read novels, watching documentaries and romantic and historic films, I hang out with friends, I cook, and I write.

My future will be great, and it will be greater if I find the right person to share my life with and the appropriate place to live.

I would like to visit Germany, USA, Canada and New Zealand because there are many wonderful places that deserve seeing in these countries, especiallyy monuments, natural sightseeings, cities and so on and so forth.


11.08.2010 DW-TV Global3000 Gaurang

Name: Gaurang Bhavsar
Country: India
Profession: Student

My name is Gaurang Bhavsar, I'm 33 years old and live in Ahmedaba City in India. I am an electrical engineer and work as a government officer, an electrical inspector at the government of Gujarat-State Government. I earn about 450 $ per month, which is well enough for a family of 5-6 members in India to live in a middle class area and having almost all kind of luxuries in a limited manner.

According to me, Globalization is nothing butt the becoming of the world a global village. In broader sense, One world, One Universe, deletion of racism, castism and all other controversial issues that exist today on the plane of this beautiful planet.

My dream Globalization means the globalization of our hearts in each and every aspect - what God Jesus wanted to teach the entire man kind! And what Swami Vivekananda - the great monk from India of 19th Century; wanted us to be as pure as a crystal!

The deterioration of the climate of our planet brings a lot of worry to me and also the burning issues like terrorism, racism, and fight between humans for any purpose put me in a state of great worry. In fact, I am afraid that these all will lead to the verge of extinction of mankind.

Manifestation of mother nature in its all forms like flowing rivers, streams, mountains, snow clad peaks, alpine forests and a heaven like silent atmosphere makes me very happy.

Me and my family are completely herbitarian (vegetarian) which means that we do not take eggs or any form of meat in our food at all. I like beer and occasionally I consume it.

Mango pulp with Roti (Indian bread) is my favorite food. I also like fruits and dry fruits too much.

I spend my leisure time by listening classical Indian music and songs like ghazals, devotional songs like bhajans and having some rest with deep sleep. I am very much fond of traveling, especially in Himalayas and along the coastal areas of India. I also like to read Indian spiritual books from prominent authors and sages etc.

A comparative study of principal religions of world is also a part of my hobby. I have good compilation about Indian spiritual material and a lot of to express if I am given an appropriate platform. Due to my intrinsic nature, generally I do not express myself so openly. I expose my self to only those who are like me. "Simple living and higher thinking" is my motto.

I believe in ancient and traditional Indian philosophy that expectations bring worry. So, I don’t expect anything for future.

If, by Almighty God’s grace I get a chance to go abroad for a visit, I would like to visit Germany, because Germany is my dream country.

I daily watch DW-TV for news, Euromaxx, GLOBAL 3000 and many other programmes that provide me great ideas about Europe and especially Germany.


Name: Lalit Kumar Saini
Country: India
Profession: Student

My name is Lalit Kumar Saini. I'm 19 years old and live in India. I'm an engineering student.

According to me globalization means, all countries should come together ta tackle all kind of problems like climate changes, financial crisis, terrorism etc. for the betterment of their economies.

Climate changes worries me. When I am with my family I am very happy.

My favorite food is pulses and rice.

I spend my leisure time with chatting, playing cricket and meeting friends.

For my future I expect a smooth and luxurious life. And I like to visit China.


11.08.2010 DW-TV Global3000 Nallappan

Name: Prakash Nallappan
Country: India
Profession: Student

I am Prakash Nallappan, 24. I am from Bodinaickenpatti, Namakkal, (Tamilnadu, India) currently living in Wollongong (NSW, Australia).

I am a Veterinary Science graduate currently doing Diploma of Business. A casual job in a race horse stable is feeding me now and I am earning around AUD 350 per week.

I would say globalization is a combined integration of economies, societies and cultures from various countries across the globe which enables international trading, foreign direct investment, instant capital flows and development of international political policies. It helps businesses, people and nations/states to reach others in a faster, quicker, deeper and cheaper way since the existence of human species. The other side of globalization is, it has let everyone in the open competition, even the weakest has to compete with the strongest in the world.

I am worried about global warming, insufficient recycling techniques we have, growing food needs across the world, depleting fossil fuel and a threatening nuclear arms era.

The everyday growing science and technology, which is trying to help people to lead a happier, healthier and longer life, makes me feel happy. The growing conncern and awareness about gllobal issues, like renewable energy source, controlling global warming and each and everyone trying to take part in these issues make me feel happy.

South Indian (non)-vegetarian food is my all time favorite but I like to try other kinds, too.

Chatting with friends, reading newspapers, science magazines, solving puzzles, playing video games and watching movies are my leisure time jobs.

I expect that the science would help me to clone myself for my second survival, I expect foldable cars which would make parking easier and a chip implanted in every human instead of carrying an ID.

I like to visit Africa. (South America, Europe and if there is any countries in other planet!)


Name: Nilesh Tayde
Country: India
Profession: Journalist

My name is Nilesh. I am 24 years old and currently live in India, in the state of Maharashtra. Now I work as an journalist in a leading newspaper of the state. Our newspaper is the most circulated of the state.

In my point of view, globaaaalization is the movement of different thoughts which transfer together under one flag. The effect is that it demolishes each individual’s nation, culture and native language. I would not criticize globalization, if it is only focused on bringing the world’s nations to work for the earth, for peace and uniting the world.

I only like to eat vegetarian food. It is well cooked by Indian cooks. Varan Bhat is one of my favorite dishes. It tastes very well. I also like to eat fruits, vegetables and sweet dishes.

In my leisure time I like to read magazines and books or searching a subject for investigating journalism. I believe in constant hard working people who have achieved their targets. In fact, without hard work, no one will gain success in their lives.


12.04.2010 DW-TV Global 3000 Zuschauerfoto Vinod

Name: Vinod Kumar
Country: India
Profession: Electronics Engineer

My name is Vinod Kumar. I am from India. I am a listener and viewer of English and Hindi services of DW Radioo.

I am 26 years old and work as electronics and communication engineer at STEEL AUTHORITY OF INDIA LIMITED (SAIL). I live with my wife and children in Asansol. We love non-vegetarian food. I earn about INR 28.000 per month.

My parents are staying in a village. My father is a teacher and my mother is a house wife. My elder brother is also a teacher in a village. I am the second of four brothers and two sisters. Since I am one of the elder lot of my family, with a job and living in an urban area, most of the responsibility of my family lies on me. I am educating my brothersssss up to the degree of engineering and they are in 3rd year. One of my sisters is married and another one is living with me for study.

For me Globalization means process of interaction, exchange of ideas, languages, culture and commodities etc. among the people, companies, and governments of different nations. The globalization process has effects on the environment, on culture, on political systems, on economic development and prosperity, and on human physical well-being in societies around the world.

I worry about innocent people getting killed in bomb blasts around the globe, especially in a developing country like India. Just imagine, if the only earning member of a family is being killed in the bomb blast - what will happen to all those members of his family who are dependent on him?

It makes me happy, when I am completing challenging jobs and can provide a helping hand to people in need.

My favorite food is Aloo Pratha with chatni. I also like to eat fruits, vegetables and sweet dishes.

I am spending my leisure time with surfing the internet, watching cricket and horse riding.

My expectations for the future is that I will switch over to another job in which I will get more interaction with common people, who are in great.

If I get the chance, I’ll visit Germany, because I would like to know about the culture, law & order of Germany. I would also like to visit USA and UK.


Name: Eleonora Batsaieva
Country: Ukraine
Profession: Student

My name is Eleonora Batsaieva, I am 21. I live in Kiev, Ukraine. I am a student, and my constant monthly revenue is 1200 UAH, that is about $150.

For me globalization is an integration process of everyone with everything and vice versa. That means the development of economical, political and cultural collaboration worldwide. Everything changes, but I am extremely worried about climate situation in Ukraine as well as in the whole world! This year the precipitations in my country three times exceed the norm. The Dnieper River basin is threatened by ecological catastrophe as Kiev's sewage disposal plant is in alert condition whereas the water comes each day more and more.

My family and friends make me happy, they remind me why I am here and what is my destination. I adore fresh salads, fruits, French rolls and buns and Italian ice-cream.

What I really like is to admire all kinds of water sports. My favorites are: kayak rowing, swimming, synchronized swimming. In my leisure time I am jogging, rowing on kayak and dragonboat, watching cinema.

My future depends on what I am doing now and I dare say it will be great, because I approximate to my goal step by step each day.

I have already visited several countries but I wouldn't mind to go to Italy and Finland. First attracts me with its history and climate, second - with its nature and legends. But I would like to live and to work in France.


19.11.2009 DW-TV GLOBAL 3000 Rahman

Name: Maksudur Rahman
Country: Bangladesh
Profession: Student

My name is Maksudur Rahman. I am 20 years old and I live in Bangladesh. I am a student of economics. I am doing my undergraduate program. The name of my University is Shahjalal University Of Science and Technology. My home town is Brahmanbaria and now I am staying in Sylhet for my study. I am a private tutor and therefore monthly paid by a family. My monthly salary is only 12,000 taka (Bangladeshi currency).

I think in this situation of the world, almost 80% country live under poverty and in this era, globalization is a cure of poverty.

I afraid only for our climatic change. Bangladesh will go under the sea within 100 years (I think so).

Some major problem of my country is poverty, illiteracy, food, economy, climaatic change etc. I will be so happy when I can do something for my country or change the negative view of all.

My favorite food is all kind of natural fruits.

I spend my leisure times by doing something for my country or by traveling or by internet. Specially, I always searching something good by which I can dedicate myself to all.

I want to be a big leader of any big international organization. I like to take challenges.

I want to visit Nepal. I will go there any how. I want to see the world more green. I am begging to all to give me a chance to do something for my country. How can I say all about my thinking? How can I say to all, there is no such thing as our earth. It may be a heaven only by changing our motive. There exists problems and solutions together. Just nneed a mind to do the appropriate one.