Our guest on 30.05.2010 Peter Raue, Attorney and Patron of the Arts | guest list | DW | 11.06.2010
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guest list

Our guest on 30.05.2010 Peter Raue, Attorney and Patron of the Arts

Talking Germany host Peter Craven talks to Peter Raue about the might of collectors and museums and the power of a memorial.


Peter Raue is Germany's most prominent lawyer in the world of culture. The passionate art lover is specialized in copyright and media law, and represents numerous celebrities from the world of culture. There are few high-profile art cases that he has not been involved in over the last twenty years. Peter Raue was born in Munich in 1941. His parents were banned from marrying because his father was classed as a "half Jew" by the Nazi authorities. He did not discover the true identity of his father until he was 36 years old. The lawyer was one of the founding members of the Friends of Berlin's Nationalgalerie back in 1977. The initiative revived an institution that had been set up in 1929 primarily by wealthy Jewish citizens in the city, and which had been dissolved during the Nazi era. Peter Raue gained wider publicity when he pursuaded New York's Museum of Modern Art to lend works to the Nationalgalerie in Berlin for seven months while it was undergoing refurbishment. He was dubbed "Mr MOMA" as a result. Since the start of 2010 Peter Raue has been busy working, alongside his legal engagements, as the interim head of the Salzburg Easter Festival.

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