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Our guest on 29.08.2010 Lothar de Maizière, Former East German Prime Minister

Talking Germany host Peter Craven talks to Lothar de Maizière about unity, justice and freedom.


Lothar de Maizière served as the first and last freely elected prime minister of East Germany. He played an important role in the unification process.

Lothar de Maizière was born the son of Berlin aristocrats in 1940. He was born in Thüringen because his family had been transferred there during the war. He joined the East German CDU party in 1956. A qualified musician, he had to look for a new career after illness stopped him playing the viola. He studied law and went on to defend church members in conflict with the East German regime. After German unification the CDU politician became a member of Helmut Kohl’s cabinet. After accusations he had cooperated as an informer with the East German secret police, he resigned. Lothar de Maizière is married with three daughters and eleven grandchildren.

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