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Our guest on 21.12.2008

Eva Sattler, Christ Angel


Eva Sattler is the official world famous 'Nuremberg Christkindles Market Christmas Angel Abroad’. She now represents the Christmas market throughout the world. She assumed that role after the 19-year old had been the market’s ‘Domestic Christmas Angel’ for two years.

From the day of her birth in 1989, Eva Sattler has lived in Nuremberg with her parents and her 3-years-younger brother Alexander. Like all real Nuremberg families, a visit to the city’s Christmas market in the period running up to Christmas eve is an annual "must". This includes "marveling" at the market's Christmas Angel. Like most kids, Eva Sattler was absolutely convinced that this was, in fact, the authentic Christmas Angel who brought presents on the 24th of December!

When she later found out that this was not true -- rather, that her parents were the ones who brought the presents, she made a decision: If this figure is not really the Christmas Angel, but rather a young girl selected for the role by a jury, then Eva wanted to be that girl.

In 2005, at the age of 16, she applied for the unpaid position. It was a childhood dream come true: In 2005/2006, she played the role of Nuremberg’s Christmas Angel.

At that time, she was in the 11th grade. With over 170 public appearances required of the market's Christmas Angel leading up to Christmas, Eva could not attend school during that period. Her friends kept notes for her at school, and she had to study during her vacation after Christmas. She made up her missed exams in the following year.

But for Eva Sattler, these highly stressful, rigorous weeks were the best experience of her life. She gathered memories and valuable lessons from the diverse groups of people she appeared before: children, seniors, the sick and disadvantaged as well as the psychologically ill. She garnered impressions and insights that a normal 16 or 17 year old would not normally get the chance to have.

In 2007, her world tour began after she was chosen as ‘Christmas Angel Abroad’! During the early winter months of 13th grade, she spent time in places as far away from Nuremberg as Chicago and Denver, where she appeared at their Grand Openings.

She got her high school diploma in June of 2008, and spent the following 2 months traveling.

She’s been studying economics at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg since October.

Eva Sattler likes to sing and dance. She is interested in acting, and travels a lot in order to meet people and get to know their cultures. And she loves snowboarding.

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