Our guest on 10.08.2008 | guest list | DW | 12.08.2008
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guest list

Our guest on 10.08.2008

Paul van Dyk, Star DJ (Repeat)


Star DJ Paul van Dyk Paul van Dyk, real name: Matthias Paul, musician, producer and entrepreneur, but most importantly a German DJ with superstar status.

He was nominated twice as the world's best DJ by the British-based magazine "DJ Mag". His pioneering DJ career began back in 1993, and he's also a radio presenter, currently operating his own "VONYC.com" radio station on the internet. He's also got his own music label, called "VANDIT Records".

Paul van Dyk's DJ tours take him to clubs around the globe, notching up some 130 gigs a year, as he plays to raptured world audiences numbering well over 3 million.In terms of sheer air mileage his DJ travels take him 16 times round the planet, a performance matching that of a Lufthansa pilot! It takes a lot of stamina and discipline to thrill all those nightbirds worldwide.

Paul van Dyk was born in Eisenhüttenstadt, in what was then East Germany, and moved to Berlin as a teenager, where at the tender age of 20 he performed in the legendary "Tresor" techno club, and soon after released his first record. He was also a driving force behind Berlin's Love Parade and Germany's techno boom, but jumped ship in good time, launching his own music style.

Music, Cold War Berlin and life generally in Germany: topics that Peter Craven will be discussing with Paul van Dyk.

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