Our guest on 09.11.2008 | guest list | DW | 10.11.2008
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guest list

Our guest on 09.11.2008

Thomas Anders, Pop Singer and Producer


Thomas Anders made an international name for himself as the singing frontman of "Modern Talking". A legend in German pop music history, Thomas Anders achieved international stardom in the 1980's with the Eurodisco project 'Modern Talking,' a pop duo he co-founded with music producer Dieter Bohlen in 1984. The group's albums went gold and platinum, and record sales hit 120 million.

The duo split in 1987, but Anders launched his comeback nearly 10 years later, releasing an album with remixes of Modern Talking's biggest hits. Today, Anders continues to reinvent

Thomas Anders studied music and German literature at college before becoming a singer. He was originally a solo artist who recorded under the pseudonym Steve Benson. He really hit the big time, however, after forming the Eurodisco project Modern Talking with music producer Dieter Bohlen in 1984.

After a series of hit singles and albums, the duo split in 1987. Anders moved for a while to the US and subsequently relaunched his solo career. He released several English-language albums and one in Spanish: 1994's "Barcos de Cristal", which topped the charts in Argentina.

1998 saw Modern Talking reform. The comeback album "Back for Good", largely comprising remix versions of their greatest hits, went gold or platinum in countless countries.

Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen parted company for good in 2003.

Since then, however, Thomas Anders has gone from strength to strength. His fan base has also grown - especially in Eastern Europe.

He now lives in Koblenz with his second wife, Claudia, and their 6-year-old son.

Anders himself also does substantial charity work and is patron of Germany's child protection association.

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