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Our guest on 08.06.2008

Sabine Hettlich, Showstar


Sabine Hettlich is presently the lead stage performer in "Glanzlichter der Revue" at the Berliner Friedrichstadtpalast. After working at the Lido in Paris, in New York, and in Hamburg she has returned after 16 years to Berlin.

After classical training in Ballet, Sabine Hettlich began her career when she auditioned as an ‘unknown’ artist for a role in the then brand new musical "CATS" in Hamburg. She had no proper voice training and no agent, yet she was immediately chosen to play the leading role of the bashful cat Demeter.

The London "Royal Academy of Dancing" –educated dancer, and jazz music lover- went on in 1989 to win the German "Rockpreis" award for best song as lead singer for the German jazz band "Prime Design". She then appeared on a TV jazz show hosted by the famous big-band conductor Horst Jankowski.

Sabine Hettlich first appeared onstage at the Berliner Friedrichstadtpalast in 1992. Audiences in the recently re-unified city were captivated by Hettlich’s lead performance in the revue "City Lights".

Hamburg is calling Sabine Hettlich back –and she will go- to play the role of the Bambalurina in an anniversary performance of the musical CATS. Not to be outdone, the Parisian Revue director Pierre Rambert thinks Sabine Hettlich is the ideal choice for the lead female role in a sassy new show at the "Lido de Paris".

It as if the Pariser Lido’s revue "Bonheur" were created for Sabine Hettlich. In the two-hour spectacle, Hettlich –the new star whom the French are calling "La Ettlisch" –takes the audience by storm with her magnetic stage presence.

Paris, Hongkong, Tokyo, New York, Peking and Moscow –Sabine Hettlich and the World Tour of the Lido de Paris are crossing the globe. And now, the "Queen of the Lido" returns to her homeland.

As the star guest performer in "Glanzlichter der Revue", Sabine Hettlich will entertain the public with her voice and charisma from Europe's largest Revue stage at the Friedrichstadtpalast from 25 January to 29 June, 2008.

We are talking with Sabine Hettlich about song, dance and about life in Germany.

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