Our guest on 01.06.2008 | guest list | DW | 19.12.2008
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guest list

Our guest on 01.06.2008

Roger Boyes, Journalist and Author


Roger Boyes is a journalist and the Berlin correspondent of the London based daily "The Times". In his books "My Dear Krauts" and "How to be a Kraut", this Brit closely examines the peculiarities of the Germans.

After having failed in his Theology studies, Boyes pursued German, War Studies, and Scandinavian Studies at the renowned King’s College in London, and spent semesters studying abroad in Marburg and Frankfurt/Main. He then worked for the news service Reuters in the 1970’s and for the Financial Times as an expert on Eastern Europe. In 1981, he joined "The Times" as a correspondent in Warsaw and Rome until, in 1993, he assumed the job of correspondent to Germany in Bonn. Since 1999, he has been stationed in Berlin, and this is where he wants to be buried.

He is not only familiar with Germany through journalism –he also lived here as a child. His father was stationed in Germany as a British soldier in Krefeld and Moenchengladbach.

Roger Boyes writes about the Germans –whatever catches his eye. After many columns and articles about the Germans, he has concluded that the Germans are a strange people. In 2006 he published his bestseller "My Dear Krauts" and in 2007 "How to be a Kraut". By going through his subject are with a fine tooth comb, Roger Boyes hopes to unravel the mysteries of what it means to be German. He does not mean to insult anyone....he loves the Germans to much for that.

We speak with Roger Boyes about his take on the Germans and life in Germany.

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