Opinion: Simply the best | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 25.03.2014
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Opinion: Simply the best

Bayern Munich have clinched their 24th Bundesliga title, and they have broken all records in doing so. DW's Stefan Nestler says they've done everything right - in contrast to their competitors.

Bayern is Bundesliga champion. Again.

And this season it took them even less time to clinch the title than any other team ever before: Seven match days before the end of the season. Congratulations!

The team that wins the league has deserved to do so. The team that has gone unbeaten in 52 matches, because it has the best attack and the best defense, cannot end up anywhere but top of the table.

Star coach Pep Guardiola has improved the team even more since he took over in 2013, after the team had won not only the Bundesliga, but also the German Cup and the Champions League. Three titles, referred to as “the triple.”

And then Guardiola managed to hone the team to perfection. And he has accomplished the first part of his mission, which is to defend “the triple.”

It is not Bayern Munich's fault that this Bundesliga season will go on record as one of the most boring in history. Bayern's competitors are to blame, who never managed to get to eye level.

Not one of them posed a real challenge this season. Dortmund, Schalke and Leverkusen lost the battle for first place early on – and seemed all to ready to resign themselves to coming in second or third, behind Bayern the unbeatable.

Instead of showing a fighting spirit, the other teams just bemoaned Bayern's financial advantage, which allegedly made it impossible to compete.

This eternal show of self-pity was at least as boring to watch, as Bayern's eternal dominance on the pitch.

This season has shown: Germany is far from having the strongest league in the world. It's just got the world's top club: Bayern Munich.

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