″Open Your Heart - Germany for Beginners″ gets underway! | News | DW | 13.10.2016
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"Open Your Heart - Germany for Beginners" gets underway!

With short videos in Arabic or English about the German lifestyle, mini-language lessons and tutorials for volunteers wanting to teach German, the new online program helps refugees get a foothold in Germany.

09.2016 DW Mach dein Herz auf ARAB Moderatorin Maissun

Maissun Melhem, one of the moderators of the new format

The new online program "Open Your Heart" ("Mach dein Herz auf") is designed for refugees as well as for volunteers who want to help them learn German.

In short innovative videos DW journalists Maissun Melhem and Nadia Kailouli introduce refugees to life in Germany, cultural differences and a few German phrases to get them started.

Comedian Benaissa Lamroubal for his part offers volunteer teachers tips and ideas for their lessons. 

"Open Your Heart - Germany for Beginners" is the first of a four-part project being developed by DW Akademie’s department for German courses and Germany’s Federal Employment Agency. 

A mobile course for smartphones and tablets being designed for self-learners will be available towards the end of 2017.

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