One Brazilian Favela Manages to Live Without Gunshots | World in Progress | DW | 27.02.2008
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World in Progress

One Brazilian Favela Manages to Live Without Gunshots

Crime, drugs and violence are part of everyday life for the millions of people living in Brazil's favelas. However, the Morro do Cavalao favela is an exception.


A film about an elite police force in Rio's favelas was awarded the Golden Bear at this year's Berlin International Film Festival

More than 12 million Brazilians have already seen the award winning feature film 'Tropa de Elite' about policing methods in the most violent parts of Brazil's metropolis. But there are alternatives to fighting crime with violence.

In the past five years, no one has been killed in the Morro do Cavalao favela, thanks to a unique policing project and the committed efforts of the residents.

Report: Milton Bragatti

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