On Your Desktop via RSS | Newsletters & Co. | DW | 19.05.2004
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Newsletters & Co.

On Your Desktop via RSS

DW-WORLD.DE is Deutsche Welle's online service offering news, analysis and service from Germany and Europe in 30 languages. Thanks to RSS feeds, you can have DW-WORLD.DE delivered directly to your computer.



RSS is a popular format that offers headlines and news in an easy-to-read, automatic format. The articles are read with the help of an RSS reader or aggregator, which you need to install on your computer. There are also a number of Internet-based RSS readers.

DW-WORLD.DE offers the following RSS feeds. Copy the following URLs into your feed reader software to subscribe.

Top Stories and News Updates:


DW-WORLD.DE's Front Page via RSS:


DW-WORLD.DE News At a Glance via RSS


Germany news via RSS:


Europe news via RSS:


Business news via RSS:


Culture and Lifestyle via RSS


German Soccer via RSS


The following programs are among the many you can use to subscribe to RSS feeds:

Programs for Windows:

- Feed Demon RSS Reader (trial version)

- SharpReader RSS Aggregator (free of charge)

Programs for Mac OS X:

- NetNewsWire (trial version)

- Slashdock (free of charge)

Programs for Linux, Mac OS X, Mac 9 and Windows:

- AmphetaDesk (free of charge)

Web-based feed readers:

- Bloglines.com (free of charge)

Please remember that we cannot offer any assistance with downloading and installing programs. However, most the programs offer assistance of their own. Deutsche Welle does not guarantee the availability of RSS files. DW-WORLD.DE content must not be archived.


DW-WORLD.DE offers a klip file for the Windows-based KlipFolio program. Once you have installed the program and the klip files, you'll receive DW-WORLD.DE headlines and will be able to read the entire article by clicking on them.

The DW-WORLD.DE klip file's configuration bar lets you choose the news categories you would like to receive. The default setting is the day's top stories.

You can download the KlipFolio program from the klipfarm Web site.

You can get DW-WORLD.DE's klip file at:


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